IEO e-Courses

The product

The e-Learning courses of IEO Web Education are made from the content of professionals from the European Institute of Oncology, which have developed over the years a tendency towards continuous innovation and experimentation, the result of a constant comparison with the best practices of the most prestigious international scientific context.

Quick, easy and secure

Each one of our e-Course is inspired by the training activities, that in recent years we have offered to IEO employees to ensure their professionalism and maintenance. Now you too can tap into this heritage of knowledge at any time, saving time and resources.
IEO Web Education offers courses in multimedia format: with just an Internet connection you can enter a virtual ambience of quality and easy navigation. A few clicks and you’ll get the excellence of IEO, in the comfort of your home or your work, and you can always count on expert technicians.

Technical requirements

For a correct view of our courses, please check if you have the right technical requirements:

Operating System: Unimportant


Microsoft® Internet Explorer (version 7 or later)
Firefox (version 2 or later)
Mozilla (version 1.7 or later)
Netscape (version 7 or later)
Audio/Video: Adobe Flash® Player 10 or later version
For reading PDF files: Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or later version
Processor: 1Ghz
RAM: 512MB
Hard disk: Unimportant
Video: Minimum resolution 800 x 600
Audio: Sound card, loudspeakers or headphones
Browser configuration: JavaScript enabled
Cookies enabled
Mixed content enabled
Pop up enabled
Proxy server Cache, if present, disabled