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Welcome to the e-Learning portal of the European Institute of Oncology!

Good morning and welcome to the training portal of the European Institute of Oncology!
As we all know, sciences and medicine are in a permanent revolution and we are forced therefore to extend our knowledge annually in a updated manner.
In addition, the appearance of new working methods and new principles of ethical behavior also led us to create new training and educational pathways radically innovative.
This portal contains all this information and is available to anyone who wants to update itself regarding training, education as well as scientific information.

Experience, reliability and international spirit

With IEO Web Education is now available the new on-line education for health professionals worldwide.
Keep abreast is now easier thanks to the IEO multimedia products, that combine excellence of content, innovative teaching methodology and internationality.

Clinical-scientific knowledge and managerial skill

The know-how of doctors and researchers of the European Institute of Oncology, acquired through years of research, field experience and constant dialogue with the international scientific community is now available to everyone.
IEO Web Education is the opportunity to enrich your preparation and maximize your time: you can count on a wide range of educational products, to follow when and where you want.


Excellence of training, diffusion of knowledge, Scientific Collaborations, European spirit: these are the values ​​that guide our training, in line with the strategy of scientific and clinical research of the Institute, in accordance with the ethical code and professional conduct. IEO Web Education for a culture of sustainability, ecology and economy.

Contribute to support training and research, choosing the on-line courses IEO Web Education!