Scientific Committee

Innovation and quality

Our on-line courses are developed around the experience of IEO and offer the most innovative topics in clinical, scientific and managerial.
The Scientific Committee operates as a guarantor for the training proposals and ensure a high scientific value, innovation and consistency with the principles that have always inspired the activities of the European Institute of Oncology.

Members of the Committee

The Executive Board is composed of persons of high scientific and reputation on the international stage.
To name but a few:

Francesco Bertolini – Director Laboratory Unit of Clinical Haemato-Oncology

Marco Angelo Colleoni - Director Unit of Research in Medical Senology

Giuseppe Curigliano – Co-director Division of Medical Oncology

Pier Giuseppe Pelicci – Director Experimental Oncology, Scientific Coordinator of IEO Education

Nicoletta Tradati – Scientific Secretary of IEO Education

Giulia Veronesi – Director Lung Cancer Early Detection Unit, Division of Thoracic Surgery