How to register for an online course

The steps from the choice of the course to its use are few and simple!
Read the information about the presentation of the course you are interested in and click on the shopping cart: a new page will open, where you can register to gain the access to your private area.
After registering, check your e-mail address: you will receive an e-mail of the registration statement. Once authenticated by the system, enter the e-Course’s catalog and proceed with the electronical purchase, or contact us if you want to pay with bank transfer. After confirmed your purchase, you can access your on-line course!

Multiple purchases

To purchase several online courses, customized proposals or paying with bank transfer please contact us by writing to elearning@ieoeducation.com, we can provide you with promotional solutions!

How does the online payment work

After registering you can access a reserved area by entering the Username and Password provided. Once in the reserved area you can select the e-Courses you’re interested in and proceed to purchase them. Access and payment are made through an encrypted, certified communication protocol to guarantee personal data protection. Payment itself is secure and Verisign certified, and can be made by credit card (only VISA or MASTERCARD circuits, in Euro). The payment system is managed through a section controlled by the dedicated Banca Sella e-Commerce service, which certifies all the necessary payment controls and security.
The e-Commerce form is structured so that users can access the courses immediately after completing the purchase procedure, without the need for any further steps or complications, making the procedure itself simple, intuitive and quick. The system automatically sends an e-mail confirming the purchase. It is also possible to request an invoice for VAT purposes, both for companies and for individuals.

Problems accessing the course

To recover a Password or Username, click on the link forgotten your password or username? link under the login window and follow the instructions provided. On the other hand, if you don’t find the e-mail containing the link for confirming your registration in your e-mail inbox, try looking in the spam folder or eliminating some messages (your mailbox may be too full to accept new mail). If you don’t manage to recover the message, contact the technical support service at the address elearning@ieoeducation.com

User help desk (content and technical support)

We offer you an assistance service on-call or on-line for solving problems related to the use of the Platform. The help desk can be reached by e-mail directly from the platform or by ‘phone (Italian number) during business time. All of our e-Courses are backed by expert medical personnel qualified to respond not only to any doubts or perplexities users may have, but also to any suggestions and proposals they may have to improve the service. An e-mail address for this purpose is provided at the end of every e-Course.

When can you start the course after the purchase?

As payment is by credit card, there’s absolutely no waiting time! As soon as you’ve filled-in the e-Commerce payment form and confirmed the purchase, the course you’ve chosen is immediately available.

If you choose to pay with bank transfer, you can access the course as soon as we receive the confirmation of the payment, depending on your bank timing.

e-Learning in a nutshell

e-Learning is an educational method that offers the possibility of providing educational courses electronically via the Internet or through intranet networks. After buying a course you can access it immediately, simply by connecting to the Internet. Since the courses are given in asynchronous mode, you can learn when and where you choose, or exercise, contact your tutor or view all the new IEO Web Education offers. On-line courses offer an easily accessible and flexible learning solution that can be tailored to your personal needs: you can take a course from your workplace or from home, and plan when and where to use it in total freedom. It is particularly suited to education both for the cost savings it offers per “trained person” and for the rapidity with which it can be provided.

The advantages of e-Learning

e-Learning offers a number of advantages over earlier generations of online distance training and classroom training:

  1. Sustainable > no need for travel means no pollution, and no waste of resources like paper: you can access the course when and where you choose, comfortably of your own computer.
  2. Economic > Internet effectively zeros all travel and boarding costs, and gives immense savings in terms of valuable working time. No more “downtime” for health personnel in training, an essential aspect for both individuals and for companies.
  3. Flexible > because they are provided in asynchronous mode, the courses you buy are always available, anywhere and anytime (up to twelve months after purchase).
  4. Personalised > learning “tailored” to your specific needs. Choose the course or areas of interest based on your own personal learning needs, and create your own personal study plan.
  5. Advanced > the learning process is modern and based on the most advanced on-line utilization technology.
  6. Assisted > users always have the support of both medical-tuition staff for clarifying aspects related to course content, and technical staff for assistance in using the courses.
  7. Unlimited > the simple fact of being on-line gives users access to an unlimited amount of information.

Why choose IEO Web Education as your learning portal

The European Institute of Oncology is characterized by strong investment, quantitative and qualitative, in the training, which is considered a key element in the diffusion of knowledge, the development of professional and management skills of its staff and strategic leverage to integrate the expertise, disseminate and share the values ​​and mission of the Institute. IEO Web Education uses this heritage and is able to design and deliver high quality educational offer.
E-Courses on the IEO Web Education portal meet the highest quality standards of new technologies, offering access to the best medical and scientific knowledge of the European Institute of Oncology (www.ieo.it) and allow immediate fruition thanks to years of experience in the sector of e-Learning training of OpenWorks Srl (www.openworks.it).

What is the duration of fruition of the course

The duration of fruition expresses the average time that the user employs to completely understand the course. It considers the time needed for the study, the interaction, the review.

Right of withdrawal

If you purchase a course by mistake that you are not interested in, you can exercise the right of withdrawal (as contemplated by article 2237 of the Italian Civil Code). This right is forfeit once you have accessed the course and viewed the content. To exercise the right of withdrawal, contact the technical support service at the address elearning@ieoeducation.com

e-Course term and expiry

The online purchased course is usable in the calendar year of purchase, and in this period of time you can access it whenever you want.

What kind of courses are possible with e-Learning method

Any educational subject can be packaged as an e-Learning course: from surgery to medicine and management.  In this portal you will find the catalog of courses in e-Learning developed for you by faculty IEO.

Technical requirements

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