Nursing care based on interpersonal relationships and guided by resources


The course, available in Italian, is to provide the tools to undertake the methodology of Primary Nursing, introducing new roles and dynamics of nursing care, underlining the assignment and acceptance of personal responsibility, presenting step-by-step stages that have allowed the implementation of this method within the European Institute of Oncology.

This e-learning course is admitted for the purpose of national certification.




The realities of the nursing profession in Italy today have been clearly described by Dr Annalisa Silvestro, President of the National Federation of Professional Nurses, Health Workers and Childcare Professionals (IPASVI), in her preface to Marie Manthey’s Book “La pratica del Primary Nursing” (“The Practice of Primary Nursing”):
«For many years now, the nursing profession has been committed to defining and claiming a role for itself within the Italian health service, and considerable progress has been made with regards to training with degree, specialisation and Masters courses being set up. But this is not enough. Now the moment has come to systematically transfer new and more fully developed professional concepts into daily practice. The organisational and professional Primary Nursing model described in this book can give nursing staff the chance to demonstrate to the patient and his or her family the importance that this profession and nursing care have within the health service and, in particular, in the process of care and treatment for ill health.”
It is from this consideration and from the desire for change in nursing care that the European Institute of Oncology has created the Primary Nursing programme.

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  • Language: ITALIAN (are you interested in this course in another language? Write to
  • CME 3 national CME credits from 3/1/2016 to 12/31/2016
  • Target: Students following a 3-year degree course in nursing, nurses, students following Masters courses in co-ordination functions for the health professions, and health unit coordinators and nursing station technicians. 
  • Program:
  1. Introduction
  2. Competence and assuming personal responsibility
  3. Allocation of care according to the case method
  4. Direct communication
  5. The responsibility of around the clock care
  6. New roles and new dynamics
  7. The new care documentation
  8. Planning
  9. The results
  10. Bibliography
  • Authors: Giorgio Magon; Tiziana Suardi; Sara Bertelli; Alessandra Milani
  • Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes approximately*
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