A methodology for improving the clinical efficacy


IEO Web Education offers the registration of the conference on counseling in health, held at the European Institute of Oncology.
The conference analyzes the foundations and possibilities of application of counseling, the importance of training of counselors accredited, the sharing of experiences already gained in a clinical setting, the construction of a complementary structure of counseling with other professional skills, ethics.
The event is available in Italian.
At the end of the course you can get a certificate of participation.


In recent years a multidisciplinary approach has become essential in healthcare and the network of people who are involved in preventive care and treatment of patients has been enriched by figures with different, new expertise. In the clinical field, new professionals, including counselors, have joined the classical professionals – doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists. Counseling is a discipline aimed at creating a culture of well-being, offering orientation and support, promoting the development and best use of an individual’s potentials.
The counselor works in synergy with the doctor, psychologist and other staff to help the patient to discover and exploit his or her own resources in moments of difficulty. A counselor’s intervention is brief and targeted at physical and mental well-being. The counselor accompanies patients, helping them to identify appropriate scenarios able to indicate the criteria for choices, to construct a shared vision to sound out future desires, and to identify the necessary resources.
The speakers and moderators at this event come from various professions; the speeches and the round table are intended to be educative and to provide updating, thereby stimulating professionals to give careful consideration to the role of counselling as a new resource for more beneficial medical care, with greater respect for the patient, and more effective and rewarding work by the multidisciplinary team.

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