Human Papillomavirus: features and distribution, screening and vaccines


The course, available in Italian language, is to provide the necessary tools for the management and counseling of modern methods of primary and secondary prevention of cervical cancer. In particular, it describes the latest knowledge on the epidemiology of HPV, its causal role in cancer and on innovative tools for primary prevention, vaccination, and secondary, screening related to new knowledge.

The training course is approved for Italian national accreditation. At the end of the course you can get a certificate of participation.



The discovery that a persistent viral infection (human papillomavirus – HPV) is the cause of almost all cervical cancers, has led to the development of new means of preventive measures which flank the screening with Pap test: new molecular tests and diagnostic-therapeutic methods and even preventive vaccination of the tumor. In terms of prevention, as is well known, the Italian Ministry of Health provides for an active offer of the screening to all women aged between 25 and 64 years. In addition, from March 2008 on, it planned a vaccination strategy against Human Papillomavirus for all girls of twelve years of age. In order to implement the prevention of cervical cancer, today is therefore necessary a very update information, accurate and detailed, that can reach all health care professionals in order to inform and direct women of today and the future to the correct path preventive and diagnostic.


Course in technical-scientific updating: soon available again.