Workers’ occupational safety responsibilities


The course, available in Italian, is to discharge the training obligation under Art. 37(vii) of the OHS Act. It presents the statutory background to accident prevention activities in work environments.


The OHS Act of 9 April 2008 governs the statutory and regulatory provisions underlying all activities for the prevention of accidents at work; it codifies the laws and regulations previously in force, and standardizes the essential instruments for ensuring workers’ safety.
This course is designed to teach workers the general aspects of safety and accident prevention, with particular reference to the following:
• the historical evolution of OHS laws and regulations;
• concepts of “risk”, “injury”, “prevention” and “protection”;
• risk assessment;
• corporate organization models for company-wide accident prevention;
• rights, duties and sanctions for the various individuals and bodies within the company;
• monitoring, control and support bodies;
• health surveillance.

Course in technical-scientific updating: soon available again.


  • Language: ITALIAN (are you interested in this course in another language? Write to
  • Target: all laborers and their representatives
  • Program:
  1. Introduction
  2. Risk assessment and prevention
  3. The risk assessment document
  4. Models of OHS organization and management
  5. Preventive and protective measures
  6. Rights, duties & sanctions for individuals and bodies within the company
  7. How OHS monitoring is organized and how it works
  8. Health surveillance
  • Authors: Marco Scuri, Stefano Indini, Franco Pugliese
  • Duration: 4 hours approximately*
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*The duration of fruition expresses the average time that the user employs to completely understand the course.
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