The protection in treatments and investigations with ionizing radiation


IEO Web Education proposes five second-level educational courses, available in Italian, to upgrade on the theme of the protection of patients in the exposure to ionizing radiation. Consists of five specialized courses, available separately, regarding diagnostic and therapeutic procedures which involve the use of ionizing radiation, carried out in diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and radiological complementary activities (made ​​in the specialized non-radiological) at low and high doses.
At the end of the course you can get a certificate of attendance for each course benefited.


The contents of the five courses meet the guidelines of an Italian Decree (Decreto della Direzione Generale Sanità della Regione Lombardia n. 6197 del 22/6/2010) for the implementation of mandatory training on the protection of individuals against the dangers of radiation ionizing relation to medical exposures. Italian Legislative Decree 187/2000 provides that the personnel who work in professional fields directly related to medical exposure must attend training courses every five years.

Course in technical-scientific updating: soon available again.