A culture of safety to prevent adverse events


The aim of this course, available in Italian, is to provide professionals with the necessary instruments for risk management in the health sector, through the analysis of processes, monitoring of the measures implemented, with a proactive and collaborative behaviour on patient safety.
The purpose of Risk Management in the clinical setting is to prevent the occurrence of adverse events or minimize the damage to both the patient and the operators, the institution and the community.
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Recent studies indicate a rate of adverse events of around 10% during patients’ time in hospital, half of which absolutely foreseeable. Only in the early ‘nineties, as a result of the explosion of ‘clamorous’ cases and a sharp upturn of medical lawsuits, we therefore have a significant body of research through which improve the quality of health services. This is also possible thanks to the contribution of professionals committed to transparency and quality in health care, to error and damage analysis.  Consequently it became essential to spread a culture of safety and responsibility among health operators, through which they can feel an ownership in ensuring patient safety, promote best practice and undertake actions aimed at prevention.
This course, which was founded upon more than 10 years of experience, has the characteristic to analyze real clinical cases, compared with aeronautic similar cases. Through the reconstruction of the scenarios in which different events have occurred, the user can identify with the individual case and assimilate the basics in a pleasant way.
More than 5,200 health professionals have benefited from the course content, with a customer satisfaction by over 90%.

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  1. Introduction 
  2. Erroneous behavior 
  3. Similar events in different departments 
  4. Focus on the system
  5. Pharmacological therapy
  6. Secure patient identification
  7. The psychology of errors
  8. Clinical documentation
  9. Occupational health and safety philosophy
  • Authors: Luigi Orlando Molendini, Massimo Monturano
  • Duration: 5 hours approximately*
  • Duration of use: In the calendar year of purchase
  • ECM credits issued: No credits are currently available
  • Target: Doctors; Nurses; Health Technicians
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*The duration of fruition expresses the average time that the user employs to completely understand the course.
It considers the time needed for the study, the interaction, the review.

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